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Digital Agencies

What if there was a place specifically designed to connect Voiceover talent with clients right over the internet? An ”agency” of sorts that facilitates connections between clients and Voiceover talent nearly automatically? You could set up a profile and clients can browse and message you instantly.


What a dream! Only, it already exists. And it totally sucks.


There are currently four leaders in this space. They each have slightly different business models and some are designed exclusively for Voiceover artists while others are for all kinds of creative freelancers.

You know how they say there's always a catch? Here it is. Some of them charge you $500 a year with no guarantee of return, some of them collect 20% of your pay on every transaction, some of them force you to remain anonymous so you can't take the clients off of the platform, some of them literally hide money from you and some of them display fake numbers to give you a sense of hope.

I was at the VO Atlanta conference when I learned this bit: One of them would routinely take hundreds of dollars from their client for one job, then push the job to the talent saying the client is offering $150, pocketing several hundred dollars on each job, unbeknownst to the talent!


It's disgusting what they're getting away with. But they're doing it every day. They posit themselves as “the only way” for a freelancer to make a living, and the talent sign up, simply abiding and helplessly drudging onward - audition after audition.


Personally, I think what's just as unfortunate is the side-effect that freelancers who use these platforms never learn important skills like marketing, networking and billing because it's all been automated for them.


Look, I could go on but you see my point. You can let this disgust and disdain stew inside you or I can provide you with what I think is the best way to collectively claw ourselves out of this digital bird nest and learn to fly, baby.

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