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I listen to my friends talk about their jobs and all of the stresses they deal with - irrational bosses, stressed-out colleagues, rush-hour traffic, 30-minute lunch hours. When I hear those things, I just smile and think to myself, “I'm glad that's your job and not mine”.


Because at my job, I have no commute, no clock-in time, no boss, and no coworkers. I work as much as I want, whenever I want. That's because Voiceover, like many other occupations, has been positively affected by the Internet Age. Let me explain how things have changed:


Traditionally, you would need to be represented by a talent agent to get any sort of paid opportunity. You got their attention by mailing them your demo tapes (which cost you $2000 to have made for you). They would be consulted by a production company to call you and bring you in to a fancy million-dollar studio downtown where are you would show up, give them your takes, and go home. Your check would come in the mail a few months later, unless there were any revisions to be made, requiring you to transport yourself back to that studio for pick-ups. If your agent doesn’t get any calls for you, you don’t work. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Period.

Fast forward 20 years to the shiny new Internet Age. You have a website with your demos hosted in an embedded media player (no more demo tapes) and you have social media accounts populated with content that attracts production companies to work with you. You get an email directly from a client (no more agents necessary). They sent you a script for an explainer video. So you go to your walk-in closet which you’ve converted into your studio at a very reasonable cost. You track, edit and deliver, and invoice them using QuickBooks. They pay you electronically, direct deposit, same day.


You haven’t even put your pants on.


Voiceover has been around much longer than the internet has, but it has done a nice job catching up and making use of the tools we have today. Most of those tools, you already have and know how to use - email, social media, etc. It’s up to you if you want to learn how to use them to monetize your voice.

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