Exclusive Audiobook by The Voiceover Beard:

"How I Started From Nothing And Now Experience Freedom With My Voiceover Business"

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Exclusive Audiobook by The Voiceover Beard:

  • The current state of Voiceover and where it's going in the next decade

  • Why normal, everyday voices get cast every day

  • Why you don't need expensive equipment

  • How to find Voiceover work​ without paying for access

  • How you can fit into the industry

  • Why building a BRAND is the only way to go​

  • How I use free Instagram tactics to attract new clients

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Introducing The New Audiobook

Specific knowledge gained through years of problem-solving

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These are clients' responses to my cold messages:
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I know what you're thinking - "Who's this talking beard?"


But you might be surprised to learn that I've built a successful brand for my Voiceover business using free tactics on Instagram. The beard was my ticket. What will yours be?

I've earned a life of complete freedom and I wouldn't trade it for any traditional job in the world.

If you're trying to get started or scale up your existing Voiceover career, I have the solutions that earn me a living, regardless of my location, and I'd like to share them with you.

STOP thinking that you need a special kind of voice. The average "Guy/Girl-Next-Door" voice type is in demand every day.

STOP doing open auditions on casting websites (most aren't even heard!).


STOP looking for an agent to send you the big gigs. Agents are great, but you don't need one!

Leave that stuff to your competition - we navigate the industry in a more efficient way.

Take the power back and create your own opportunities.


Get the New Audiobook and see what you're missing!

Get the knowledge and mindset you need to build your Voiceover business and succeed!

Run a business from from anywhere and earn your freedom back.

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