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I was ready for voice work before I even knew it. Once I heard that I could make a living off of it, I never turned back.


Every message has an effective approach living inside of it - and your audience can tell.


From your heart, through my beard.


I can confidently perform with a vocal age range of 20-45 years old and with a wide range of dialects, so feel free to ask for anything. Go crazy.


I am represented by the Atlanta-based mainstream talent agency, JPervis Talent. However, I may contract independently.


I have been featured on internet ads, radio and television from Canada to Saudi Arabia, and I am an official narrator on


I own a home studio where I produce broadcast-quality work. You may direct me live via phone call.



- Mic: Sennheiser MKH 416

- Interface: UA Apollo Twin Solo

- Software: Logic X Pro

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