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Student Testimonials:

Voiceover is a dream of a career.


You can work with brands and production companies all over the world right from home.


However, it's not easy to navigate this industry - a lot of folks are struggling to make their efforts pay off. Hungry talent are in a dogpile, all chasing the same cheap jobs.


But through my Online Courses, I'll teach you how to bypass all of that and find your success using my step-by-step method.

Here's what you'll get:

50 videos (and couting) walking you through everything you need to know about:

  • Voiceover Technique

  • Business Practices & Negotiation Tactics

  • The Voiceover Industry

  • Home Studio (economically!)

  • Branding, Website, Demos, Content Creation, etc.

  • Marketing Secrets (how to find ANY kind of opportunity quickly)

  • Instagram Tactics (nobody teaches this!)

. . . . .

Access to the Mastermind Facebook Group where you can ask questions to me and the group, get feedback on your auditions, receive help when dealing with clients, validate your branding, and more!

. . . . .

You also get the opportunity to be on my Voiceover Talent Shortlist. When I get an opportunity I can't take, I pass it onto you!

. . . . .

Plus half-priced private consultations for life, and other extras, just for being in the group!

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